You Must Speak Up

I’d like to start this 7-part course by telling you that you MUST SPEAK UP! Yes, you must, if you care about achieving your goals and rising to the peak of your career.


In life, no matter how small you seem, insignificant you appear or your status in society, you must speak up. Many times when I talk with people in this regard, they come up with excuses like, “I am not a speaker.” or “I don’t know how to speak.”


Here is the truth: you are unique in your thinking and design and that implies that you have a thought which may not have crossed another person’s mind and you have views which may never have been expressed by another person.


You have an opinion, a message and idea that can change lives, move your organization forward or give you recognition and profit.


That idea is resident in you and it’s when you speak up that the world will hear you and you bless lives and equally get blessed in return.


You have desires and goals you want to achieve, it’s only when you speak up that you get heard.


Nobody will buy your product if you never speak up so that the world will know about you, develop interest in your offer and get persuaded to pay for your products or services.


You have superior knowledge on some issues and matters which another person, including the gurus and experts, doesn’t know. Yes, you do.


I am not psyching you; I am telling you as a matter of fact. It’s because of such knowledge resident in seemly ‘small’ people that results in breakthroughs and innovation.

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It’s on the basis of such knowledge that you get recognition, promotion and career growth.


However, people will hardly become aware of such knowledge until you speak up during departmental meeting, on social media, your blog or book.


My point today is this:


No matter who you are now, how small you see yourself and how powerful those around you are, you have to speak up to voice your ideas, share your opinion, sell your brand and get someone to buy your view point.


If you never speak up, you won’t be heard and that’s tantamount to dying!


Welcome to Speak with Fluency and Confidence course. I promise to put in my best to give you the best of insights and best practices from my experiences that will empower you to speak with fluency and confidence.



Joseph Dinwoke


Speak with Fluency & Confidence

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