If you write, either on social media, your blog or newspapers column and there to turn your writing to a book, you desire a good thing. Putting your writing together in a book format put makes it easily accessible by those who need to read them, earns you some degree of authority status in the area you wrote about as well money.

But then, many people like you who desire to turn their writing into book are often confronted with some challenges such as:

  1. How do I arrange my scattered pieces of contents into a book?
  2. How do I the book properly edited?
  3. Should I publish as an eBook or Hard copy book?
  4. How do I obtain ISBN for my book?
  5. How can I get an attractive cover?

These challenges are common yet surmountable and with our Writer-to-Author Solution, we draw from our team’s experiences in content development, editing, graphic design and marketing to handle these challenges and deliver a book that blesses more lives, increase your fame and profit you.

One of the most touching comments we have received from our clients concerning our work is from Apostle KC EZE : “My two published books ‘Receiving Angelic Ministry’ and ‘The Believer, Prayer and Tongues’ would have remained forgotten short articles scattered all over social media if not that the Fratee Media team brought in their expertise in transforming them in preparing them for publishing, designing the layout and cover plus their publicity tips which resulted in over 400 downloads within the launch week without spending a dime on advertising.”

We are a full-fledged media company with the qualification to obtain an ISBN for your book, trained editor to edit and proofread your book, professional graphic designer to design your book cover and layout and a former Head of Production in a publishing company.

May we serve you, please?

To grab this offer, call</>WhatsApp: 0807-070-1380 </> 0810-550-4664 or shoot a mail to hello@frateemedia.com

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