As a preacher, you have the mandate to reach the WHOLE WORLD with the message God gave you and doing that is a strong attribute of truly a faithful servant of God. If you have started sharing your message with your family and friends, you are doing well. However, if you are content with sharing the message given to you for the world with ONLY your immediate audience, Jesus may not think you will be doing well.


His mandate to you is to reach the world with your message starting from your Jerusalem (family, local assembly, social media wall and friends) to the ends of the earth. In the past, preachers like you had to travel across continents, countries and states or at least open branches and that makes spreading the gospel to the ends of earth laborious.


But with God’s wisdom manifested in technology and the internet, you can reach the world, penetrate locations you may never reach and bless the world with the lifesaving gospel of Christ. Therefore, you should exploit the potentials of the internet to reach the whole world.


Now, many pastors like you may already know this but don’t know how to get started in using web tools like social media, blog, email marketing and website in spreading the gospel. That’s where I want to serve you.


I have been a web designer since 2014 and have delivered at least 21 websites since then. I am a Google trained digital marketer and graphic designer. I draw from these skills and experiences in building websites for religious organizations and ministries.


Those that I have designed websites for have written me satisfaction notes. I don’t want to bore you with comments, but it will suffice to share with you this one from Apostle KC EZE:


“It can be very frustrating having so many ideas and content and yet not knowing how to reach out to people with it. Of what use is having what people needs and yet only a handful of persons are able to access them? I was in such a space until Fratee Media came to my rescue and built me a ministry website. My teachings would have been for my immediate audience alone without it’s been recorded, packaged to my website by  Fratee Media team…they are worth every naira they charge. They promise and over deliver. Entrust them with your web designs, blog creations, book editing and publishing and other media solution. You won’t regret you did.”


Their comments reassured me that I can actually be a reliable media partner in helping you package your message in digital formats, take them to the web and create massive publicity for them.


I want to work with you in taking your ministry to the web by building a functional website that allows you share your messages as text, audio, video and book, track how they are being used by your users as well as receive offering with ease online.

The good news in that you can get this offer with our Non-Profit Discount. To grab this offer, call/WhatsApp: 0807-070-1380 </> 0810-550-4664 or shoot a mail to

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