Writing for Digital Media

Although an eBook should be loaded with quality content like hard copy book, there are standards and principles that should guide writing for the digital audience.


Do not writ e a large wall of text when your target is to publish your book in digital format. Experts who must have researched into user experience for digital content consumers have found that a long wall of text can be intimidating and discouraging to readers and therefor discourages it.


Make your writing easier to read by breaking the paragraphs into small block of text. Three sentences per paragraph will not be bad ideas it will ensure you do not have too large a block of text.


Also, beware of loading irrelevant contents in your eBook your digital readers have all kinds of distractions around them and once your content is not engaging enough you will lose them too many other contents competitor for their attention.


Make your chapters short so that it will be easier to read. It helps the digital reader –who is generally impatient – have a timeline in his reading and if you cannot make it really short, please use subtitles in your writing.

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Joseph Dinwoke

Content Developer, Media Strategist , Web & Graphic Designer
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