Who Wan Read Your Book Sef?

If you desire to be an author, have a ready manuscript, writing a book at present or have sent your book to your publisher, please hold on. I have a question for you before you make the next move—who wan read your book sef? I am not talking down on you or your book, I want to help you with insight that could help you succeed with your book. I have published at least seven of my own books and in the course of my work at Fratee Media, we have published at least 8 books for our clients which I supervised.

One of the things I have observed is that many writers don’t think about who will read their books until it’s late. The result is that they write books nobody wants to read, their marketing efforts are vague instead of being focused, and they end up spending money to publish books that hardly get sold.

I don’t want that for you and that’s why on Publishing RoadMap this week, I want to help you with the most important question you should ask yourself as an aspiring author.

The first point I want to make is that…

Writing a Book is Good!

First point I want to make is that writing a book is good; very good actually. Books are great treasures that have transformed the lives of men in history and are still transforming those who read them today. It’s the vehicle that has carried life-transforming truths across generations and continents long after the authors are long gone. Of course, it has equally destroyed lives.

One good reason you should write your book is that you have a message for your generation which nobody can spread for you. There are things you know which nobody else knows as much as you do. If you fail to share them, they die with you!

Moreover, there are enormous material benefits of publishing your book. Aside from being a source of money, it confers a certain degree of authority status on you. If you write a book on, as an example, how make money from blogging with proofs of making money, people will listen to you when you start talking about blogging. They will take your word more seriously.

So, writing a book is good and in fact, very important! However, before you rush out one, you need to know that…

It’s Not Enough to Publish a Book

I believe that you are not so small-minded to be writing a book for yourself, your parents and friends and well-wishers. Some people write a book to make money during the launching ceremony and from begging people to buy. I believe you have grown past that too. I don’t condemn them, but that’s not a very wonderful thing to do. A smart move would be to write a book that people will be falling over themselves to get the book.

So, as you think of the book to write or actually settle down to write your book, think about who you would want to read your book. You know the way you to go to the market in search of something to buy, ask yourself who will go online in search of a book like yours. Who will be looking through bookshelves and stumbled on your book and use his last card to get it?

I will give you an example of how to answer this question with my book, When Your Crush is Silent: How to Give a Guy Green Light Without Appearing Desperate & Cheap.

I want you to write down your answer like using this formula—Person + Problem.

My target audience is single ladies who have attained majority, have seen men they like who are reluctant to talk to make the move, so they can say yes.

Example two.

In my book, Starter Blogger Blueprint, here is my answer:

Anyone who desires to start blogging but doesn’t know how to get started, get the right blog design and run their blog profitably.  

Hope you understand my point and can now provide your answer? Right!

Answering this question is foundational. You should be clear about the answer to this question long before you take your book to your publisher. The answer to this question helps you focus squarely on your target audience as you write, use the language that connects with them and writing style that they will flow with easily.

Moreover, this clarity helps you to ensure that…

Your Book Delivers Value

Again, your book is not for shelf decoration. You should see it as paracetamol for someone that has a headache. So, as you write it, you ensure that the contents are addressing the different dimensions of the problem they have which your book is supposed to solve. When you understand that your book is not just for making money or to get the title ‘Author’, you think hard about how to ensure that you are delivering a solution to the target audience.

The consciousness of delivering value to your readers will make you answer every question that they may have to fully understand and implement what you are teaching them in your book. You will realize that you can’t just write anything that comes to your mind, but truths that work. You will know that shallow thought is not good enough and ensure that every relevant information that will lead to the desired solution your book promises is included.

Let me illustrate my point with the book I used earlier—When Your Crush is Silent.

What I want to achieve with the book is that when a young lady applies what I shared in the book, she will be able to give any guy she likes green light that can propel him to make the right move. To ensure that, I write what how to give a guy green light; but then, I realized that there are some key things a lady must understand getting giving green light right and what she must do if the guy refuses to pick the green light.

The result is that I outlined the books as follows:

  1. Five (5) sure signs that a guy is into you so that you don’t waste your time giving the wrong guy green light. Pg.9


  1. Four (4) reasons that guy close to you is reluctant in declaring his manifesto to you even when he likes you and has shown you love and how to use each of those reasons to give him signal. Pg.15


  1. How to mentally condition yourself to give a guy green light without releasing attitudes and words that make you appear cheap and desperate. Pg.26


  1. Four (4) ways to send your green light signal to any guy in a way that will make him recognise your value without appearing like a desperate girl. Pg.33


  1. Three (3) things that can make you appear desperate and cheap even when you are not, sabotage your green light moves and how to avoid them. Pg. 43


  1. What to do when you give your crush green light, and he fails to recognise it to make the expected move. Pg.46


To the best of knowledge, I exhausted what I need to explain for any lady to achieve what the book title promises. So, for your next book, you can settle down and make that kind of outline that will guide your writing. Moreover, when you are clear about who wan read your book, you will be able to execute…

Effective Book Marketing

I know that many people write books, hoping to use begging to sell it. Some even depend on the patronage of their friend and families; but not me. My joy is when a stranger who is not in any way related to me buys my book; not when family and friends buy to encourage me.

Meanwhile, many people have been badly disappointed counting on the patronage of friends and well-wishers. They also have their troubles. So, when you are writing your book, think like the paracetamol producer. How much can her family members buy? Very little! So, to make sales, he develops a marketing plan and funds it to be able to make sales.

Your marketing efforts won’t be effective if you are not clear about who your target audience is. That’s why, even if you have gone to the press or your book is out, but stacked in your house, you need to ask this question—Who wan buy my book?

You can make a list of 5 groups of people and what they will gain from your book; but if your budget is small, narrow it to the people that will need it most. The book I told you about can be read by married people that coach young ladies or teenage girls; but the best suited are ladies from 25 to 40 years and that’s why marketing was a target to them.

My point?

Writing a book is good for humanity and yourself; however, it’s not enough to write a book. Your book should be delivering value. Asking yourself the question: who wan read my book? is a key to making your book focused and ensuring that you include every relevant content to make the book really sound. It will also help you execute effective marketing.

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Joseph Dinwoke

Joseph Dinwoke is the Media Strategist at Fratee Media where aside from crafting winning strategies for helping businesses and organizations to promote their brand through digital marketing, he has designed over 25 websites since 2014 for businesses, bloggers and ministries and helped authors publish 8 books. He helps organizations understand how to use media to increase sales so that they don’t waste money in Guess-Work Marketing Communication that leads to waste of scarce resources.

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