The internet has made the world a global village and those who truly want to thrive in their work and businesses invest in functional web assets and tool that help them grow their personal brand, NGO, ministry and business. We provide First Class Web Solution that gives you robust web presence and enables you share your stories/message in your blog website; display your services; attract customers with your corporate website or share your sermons as a preacher.

At Fratee Media, we offer a wide range of web solutions and they are grouped into key areas namely:

Web Tools

We provide you with the tools you need to have a robust and profitable online presence. They are crucial in running your business smoothly and profitably on the web.

Some of them are these:

Professional Website—functional and mobile responsive Business Website, Church Website, NGO Website, Blog Website with key features and functions that empowers you to exploit the web potentials for your corporate and personal growth.

Blog— that helps you share your articles, papers and attract customers and engage them on your website.

Email Marketing System— an automated system that captures your target audience’s emails address and automatically communicate with them on regular basis.

Social Media Branding & Integration—create social media accounts with effective interaction with your target customers and display of your services and products.

Payment Channel Integration—a secure platform that helps you receive payment from your customers without going to the bank or using bank mobile app.

Podcasting System— this helps you upload audios, play them and even download them.

Web Strategy 

Website is a powerful tool and is just like an asset acquired in your business; but it doesn’t generate revenue by just existing. A strategy backed by competent human resource is required to maximize its potentials for your corporate goals. We bring to bear our years of experience designing websites and working with over two-dozen clients in developing relevant strategies for getting the best of their websites.

Some of the strategies we develop for our clients include:

Website Publicity Hack—which helps you publicize your website and drive traffic to it.

Corporate Blogging for Profits— which help you understand how to exploit the blog features of your website to create brand awareness, attract customer and derive revenue.

Social Media for Business Growth—which helps you know how to exploit social media for your brand awareness, customer acquisition and customer relationship management and overall business growth.

Profitable Email Marketing Blueprint—which helps you to know how to exploit the mail marketing feature on your website to capture the details of those interested in your services and nurture a relationship with them that makes them customers.

Web Support Services

No matter how fine your strategy is, poor execution will mar your chances of success with your website. That’s why we provide you support services ranging from Content Development, Social Media Management, Podcast Production, Graphic DesignWriting Sales & Advertising Copy and Email Marketing Management to help you achieve your business goals.

You’ll make a choice of one or a combination of these web solutions you want us to provide you.

Our web solutions include

  1. Enterprise Website Design
  2. Church Website
  3. NGO Website
  4. Blog Website Design
  5. Email Marketing Management 
  6. Social Media Management
  7. Corporate Blogging