Social media has come to stay and it’s one of the platforms you should exploit to grow your brand, attract new clients, and retain existing customers. Creating accounts on key social media platforms is important; but even more important is actually managing the platforms for your brand awareness, customer acquisition and retention.

Every social media platform has its uniqueness and content type. It’s the mastery of this uniqueness and how to exploit them that makes it profitable for your brand. We have taken time to study what really matters for each platform and how best to use it and want to help you grow your business with our experience and insight.

At Fratee Media, our Social Media Management Solution draws on our expertise in Content Development, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing & Copywriting to create brand awareness for your brand, acquire leads and convert them to paying clients.

With the expertise we bring to managing your social media accounts, your followers will increase, your accounts will be regularly updated, your posts will get higher views, and you will attract more customers through social media.

Our strategy is to sit with you to completely understand your target audience so as to craft written contents and graphics that connects with them in style, value and language as well as post when they are likely to read.

A good thing about social media management solution is that you can easily and effectively track the impact of our work on weekly, monthly and quarterly basis and with it you can decide whether it’s worth your investment or not.

Every content we shall post for you will be vetted by an assigned member of your organization for approval before use, and your social media details are in safe hands with us because it’s managed by only trusted members of our team.

Our Social Media Solution includes:

  1. Optimizing the Social Media Accounts
  2. Creating Written Content for Your Social Media Platforms
  3. Designing Graphics for Your Social Media Platforms
  4. Posting Contents Regularly on the Accounts

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