So, You Want a Corporate Website?

In my 5 years as a web designer, I have designed websites for businesses and they often express joy on seeing their websites & the features built into it. Unfortunately, they hardly utilize it half of its capacity.

That’s they have features that could generate passive income for their business built into it; yet they do next to nothing to take advantage of it.

They have a website that can simply their business processes, attract new clients and tune them to customer; but all they use their website for is a digital notice board!

Recently, I was thinking about a certain website I built for client and how it has been abandoned; hardly used, despite expense incurred to acquire it.

I decided that it’s time I started teaching business owners who wish to have their own website what it takes to get one, how to ensure it doesn’t become a waste of their resources; but an asset for customer acquisition, business operation and growth.

Let’s get started.

When you get a corporate website for the wrong reason, you spend your money on the design & domain name and hosting without making any profit from your website, even if indirectly. The result is that a powerful tool like website becomes a liability to you instead of an asset.

That’s the reality for many people that won a website for their organization and that’s why today, I and asking you, “So, You too Want a Corporate Website?


Don’t be offended that I ask you that. I mean no offence! I ask that question because I have seen many business owners and founders who acquired a corporate website for the wrong reasons aside the real reasons which results in having a website that doesn’t profit them in any way!

When the thought of having your own corporate website comes to your mind, don’t be quick to call a designer. First, settle down and clarify WHY you feel you need one.

Clarity on why you need a corporate website will save you from having a website that’s a burden instead of a blessing to your organization.

When you hire a good website design firm, you’ll get a beautiful & functional website. However, long after project completion, is the task of managing your website to profit.

Your ability to profit from the well-designed website is largely depended on the clarity on why you needed a website in the first place.

So, don’t be quick to place order for a website. Transferring money into my akant is not the real problem. The real deal is seeing with clarity how a corporate website fit into your organization’s mission.

If determining the clarity on if you should have a corporate website or not is a challenge to you; just follow me in this series. I will help you with a detailed guide.

One of the wrong reasons many organizations go on the web is because their competitors or industry people are on the web.

Those who own a website for a reason like this end up with what I call, me-too website which is not designed with a purpose and managed without a goal in mind; but created just to have a web presence like their competitors.

As a website designer, I will like you to have a website for your organization so that I can make more money. However, as a human being with conscience, I will like you to be sure that a website is an asset for your business.

Get it clear: not all businesses should have website & even the one that should my not have come to the phase where owing a corporate website will be good move.

A website is not for luxury or swag! When properly built, it’s for function! It’s a powerful tool for business operations and marketing!

Your peers and people in your kind of business or industry you may be taking their venture to the web with a corporate website; but that doesn’t mean that it’s OK for you to equally have an online presence.

You need to be clear that a corporate website is a necessity for you! That clarity should produce a strategy for incorporating the website into your business operation.

In the past, having a corporate website is good enough because it served as an online brochure; however, that won’t suffice today.

A truly robust corporate website is one that’s aesthetically appealing and more importantly, functional for customer acquisition and business management.

Think about your corporate website beyond just having an online presence where potential customers can read about your company and services. Realize that your website can actually be a ‘digital salesman’ that not only tell what you do; but answer typical clients’ questions.

I will share more on this in the next part of this series; however, for now, here is what I want you to go away with…

A corporate website is a powerful tool and can transform the way your organization is run as well as the profit you make. You should actually have one for your business growth. However, before that, it’s important that you determine if it’s TRULY as an asset for your organization or a liability.

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Joseph Dinwoke

Joseph Dinwoke is the Media Strategist at Fratee Media where aside from crafting winning strategies for helping businesses and organizations to promote their brand through digital marketing, he has designed over 25 websites since 2014 for businesses, bloggers and ministries and helped authors publish 8 books. He helps organizations understand how to use media to increase sales so that they don’t waste money in Guess-Work Marketing Communication that leads to waste of scarce resources.

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