Aside offering this wide range of services, we equally train anyone who is interested in acquiring the skills and equipping them with insight to build a business around the skill and excel in it.


Our training packages include:

Web Design

You will learn what is required for different kinds of websites and how to design them to your client’s satisfaction.


We start the class by ensuring you know the basics of a website, how it works, before delving into the core part of the techniques of web design. Every class ends with an assignment that helps you perfect what you have learnt in class so that if there be any lapses, in understanding and recalling, you can bring forth your question in the next class before we proceed in the training.

We offer group classes at our office in which we get in few people we can effectively teach and monitor their progress and teach for a period of three weeks. We equally offer exclusive classes where our tutors meet with you one-on-one for in-depth and practical class.

At graduation, you will be given the book, Web Design Business Launch. In it, you will learn how to start, build client’s base and profit from your web design business.


Audio Production

At our production classes, we teach how to create, package and publish audio contents ranging from podcast, special reports, radio programme, sermons and talks.


We teach you the core principles of audio recording, content development and broadcast content. Upon graduation from this course, you will receive the book, Business of Audio Production, in which you will learn business opportunities in audio production, attracting your first customers and satisfying them.


Graphic Design

Graphic design is one of the most sought after skills you can acquire to improve your business, earning power and employability. It’s not difficult to learn if you can find someone who understands it, with wealth of experiences, heart and skill to teach.


At Fratee Media, we take time to teach you how to use popular graphic design software to create logos, flyers, posters, books and magazines. In the course of this training, you will not just learn how to design, but how to design for the web and print. You will equally be exposed to the business side of graphic design so that you can easily make money with the skill upon graduation.



Blogging is a skill that every writer, public figure, preacher or leader should have as it helps them package their message and share to the world. It’s also a powerful tool that can help attract new customers, sustain the ones you have and sell more to them.


In our blogging course, you will learn how to develop your blog concept, decide on the best platform to use, get the best blog designer and run your blog profitably.

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