We understand how important knowledge is in the development of human race and why it’s important that relevant knowledge be packaged and shared to those who need them. That’s why at Fratee Media, our team will work with you to get your thoughts out, package them in coherent manner for easy consumption, give it thorough editing and turn it to a book in good time.


Media Solution

Media has become an integral part of lives and in these days of technological advancement, we can’t help but utilize media for our personal lives, business and ministry. That’s why at Fratee Media, we bring to bear our core competencies in Radio Production, Marketing, Copywriting, Graphic Design and Sound Production to develop media contents for your marketing, branding and promotion. Our team will equally help you set up and train your media team in church, NGO, Business agency on how to use media to move your organisation forward.


Web Solution

The world has become a global village and if you don’t live in that village, you are almost non-existent. Living in the village gives you open door to numerous opportunities and removes a lot of limits from you. At Fratee Media, we take time to study your business, brand, ministry and personality to ascertain the most suitable web solution you need then develop and deliver it to you. Our first class and profitable web solutions includes Web Design, Digital Marketing, and Online Branding.



At the core of every business is marketing. However, there are many people, although with good products, quality services and cosy office, they don’t know how to make their target customers pay for their competencies by buying their products. That’s why at Fratee Media, we develop and execute traditional and digital marketing solutions to professionals, coaches and businesses to market their services, products, knowledge to their customers.



Aside offering this wide range of services, we equally train anyone who is interested in acquiring the skills and equipping them with insight to build a business around the skill and excel in it.

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