If you have a message you passionately want to share with your world, love to write or have some expertise to expresses and profit from, starting your blog website is a strategic step in achieving those with the added benefits of fame and profit.


With a properly designed blog website, you can reach thousands of people every week with your ideas, stories, and message in multimedia formats—text, audio, video, PDF—track how they are used by your audience and make money through multiple channels doing this.


In my 5 years as a web designer with over a dozen designed blog websites, I have identified common challenges that most people who want to own their blog have. I have grouped all the questions and concerns I have heard into these: understanding what blogging is all about, how to get good design for their blog and run their blog successfully.


If you are in that situation now, know that you can move past it, to launch your blog, build your brand and make money from it just like many bloggers we have worked with to launch and run their blog.


Our Starter Blogging Solution provides you with coaching on starting your blog, design your blog and arm you with insight and practical tips you for running your blog success.


The blog website we are designing for you come with features a robust blogging system, social media Integration that automatically shares your post link to your social media followers, multiples advertisement options for revenue generation, podcasting system for launching your podcast, media delivery system for sharing media files, tracking the download count etc. Take a look at all the features we shall build into your blog, two bonus courses and bonus services you will get once you contact us to design your blog website.


Once you sign up for our Starter Blogger Solution, you get admitted into our first BONUS course, Running Your Blog to Success Course where you will learn how to run your blog, optimse your posts to be found by search engine and profit from your blog. While you do take the course, we get to work on designing your website and even before handing over your website, you will get admitted to our second BONUS—Website Publicity Hack which you will learn the best practices in publicizing your blog website.


We have received comments from our web design clients; reproducing all of them here will make this too long; however, it will suffice to share with you the one from Chinasa Ugwuocha, the author of Nasalian Blog. I didn’t just want someone who could design a website but someone who could understand me. Though I knew what I wanted, communicating it to a third party was difficult. I wished someone would look into my heart and understand…lol. That was exactly what Joseph Dinwoke of Fratee Media did. He was able to see through the pieces of my scattered vision and weave it into a desirable masterpiece.”


In the same vein, Chidinma Aneke of TsureNotes, captured her experience with us, “Joseph Dinwoke of Fratee Media took up the project of designing my website like it was his and went to work tirelessly. Ready to do anything and everything that’s needed; services I didn’t know were necessary nor realize I needed to get the most out of my web presence. Unlike what I expected from a web designer, he stayed put, checking on me, offering media insights on how to get the most out of my web presence, grow my audience and drive traffic to my website.


Satisfying these ones and more other clients is a sure sign to me that I can equally serve you in building your blog website and coaching you to run it with success.


I understand that it costs some good money to have a proper blog website designed for you; however, with our Launch Promo, we have slashed the price by over 30%.

To place an order for your own blog website, Call/WhatsApp 08070701380 </> 0810 550 4664 or shoot a mail to hello@frateemedia.com.

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