We understand that as an NGO, you have a societal problem(s) you want to solve or value you want to create and as that require volunteers to work with you as well as secure funding from funding agencies, individuals and organization to execute your project.

There are a number of factors that come into play in helping you achieve these results that matter to you. Some of them are reaching out to people you know to come partner with you, printing out letters and proposal to potentials donors and requesting people to come and volunteer.

These methods get results no doubt; but there is even a cheaper, faster, easier and in fact, more effective strategy of getting these results—having a robust online presence. Yes, with a professionally built website, you can easily, quickly and cheaply attract the attention of potential donors, convince them that you deserve their donation, attract and recruit volunteers and even execute your project.

With a properly built non-profit website, you will have a home page that showcases the solution you are creating, testimonials from those that have benefited from your projects, pictures and videos of your programme and your team, it becomes easier for potential donors and volunteers to understand you and release their resources and talents to your organization.

We, therefore propose to build you a robust NGO website with these features:

  1. Attractive Home Page

Your home page is where your visitors come first and it’s usually the highest visited page on your website. We’ll build your website with features and copy that are not only visually appealing; but attractive to the visitors, showcases who you are, the solution you are providing, your uniqueness and team members, testimonials from those that have benefited from your activities and how to contact you.

  1. Key Pages

A truly robust website is made up of the design and the copy on the website and it’s the copy that actually speaks to the target audience. These copies are housed on pages; that’s why in building your website, we’ll create key pages like About, Programmes, Partners, Donate, Testimonials, Team, Contact, FAQ, etc, and link them up effectively from the menu to each page so that visitors to the website can easily navigate the different sections and get any information they need with ease.

  1. Blogging System

A blogging system allows you to regularly share insight with your website visitors, make announcement, publish testimonials and publicize your events and programmes. We shall build your blogging system such that once you are done writing, automate date and time you want it published on your blog and whenever it’s published, the link to it get shared automatically on your key social media platforms. That way, you can publish regularly without burning out.

  1. Audio/Video Delivery System

As a NGO, you may need to educate your target beneficiary with a video/audio or even showcase your work with an audio/video. To enable you do that, we’ll build Audio/Video Delivery System that allows you upload audio/video files on your website, and track the number of times they are played and downloaded.

  1. Social Media Integration

Social Media is a good platform to reach the target beneficiary of your programmes and even let donors and funding agencies have a good understanding of what you do and how good you are at it. When properly integrated into your website, it helps direct people to the website for more resources. In building your website, we’ll integrate your social media accounts such that your website visitors can see what you post on social media and can equally follow you with the click of a button and then those who get to know about your NGO will be able to visit your website with just the click of a button. Similarly, every blog posts and podcast you publish on your website automatically shares on key social media platforms.

  1. Download System

As an NGO, you may upload brochures, reports, video, audio, eBook and diverse files formats on your website. Tracking downloads of these files will help you understand how your audience interact with your contents and equip you with vital information that could help your content planning in future. Thus, we’ll build into your website a download system that helps you track downloads of those files, where they are downloaded from and how many downloads per file and every day.

  1. Email Marketing System

There are people that may want to learn from you very regularly and interact with your organization; but forget your website address or even your NGO once they leave your website or get busy with other things. Email marketing system helps you collect email addresses and even phone numbers of your subscribers and regularly send them your latest news, events, books, and info about your services. If your NGO involves educating people, you can use this system to deliver automated lesson or contents over your preferred period of time.

  1. Custom Email Addresses

Custom email addresses has numerous advantages such as publicity for your organization, communicating seriousness in the mind of your target audience and giving you control over staff-stakeholder communication in the event that they leave your organization. To enable you enjoy all these benefits, we won’t just build you a robust website, we’ll equally create custom email addresses for you, your staff and departments.

  1. Advertisement System

With your website publicity drive and blogging, you will have huge visits on your website. Some of them may not easily see a campaign page you created on the website or that you are soliciting for donors. To help you get your message across to your audience per time, we shall build an advertising system that allows you put both text and display ads in strategic areas of your website.

  1. Donation System

NGOs are non-profits and so depend largely on donations and funding from agencies and individuals who wish to support the mission of the NGO. To make it easy for them to donate, even without having an ATM cards, USSD Code or mobile app, we’ll build a secure donation system into your website.

  1. Mobile Responsiveness

Most website visitors today use their handheld devices to view website and same applies to those who visit your website. It’s important that your website is built to ensure the mobile view of your website is both attractive, easy to navigate with key menus and features conspicuously displayed.

  1. Analytics

Tracking visits on your website and the pages visitors visit helps you know what people are reading and that helps you measure the impact of your publicity and campaign. That’s why we’ll build robust analytics into your website that helps you track visits on your website and the visitors’ activity.

We don’t just build robust website; we want you to succeed with your website. That’s why over the years of offering clients free advice and consulting, we have put together these bonus offers to help our clients succeed.

Bonus Offers

  1. Free Website Copy Review

There are two key aspects of your website—the features and the copy. While the features determine the functions users enjoy, your copy is what speaks to them. If your copy is poorly written, they don’t get to know you properly, what you are offering them or persuaded to partner with you or benefit from the free offers you have for them. That’s why as part of our bonus offer, we’ll review your website copy and show you where you need to improve on.

  1. Website Publicity Hack

When you design a website which your target audience doesn’t visit, you can’t achieve your goals with it and it amounts to waste of resources. To help you publicize your website effectively, we have created this 7-part course which details the best practices in building publicity for your website including the free and paid options.

  1. Blogging Success for Non-Profits

The blog sections of most NGO are largely underutilized despite the resources invested in having it. In this 5-part course, you will learn how to use blogging to boost your NGO, attract donors and truly add value to your beneficiaries.

  1. Three (3) Website Launch Graphics

Usually, when a website is fully designed and handed over to clients, they make an announcement to show they have acquired a new website. That’s what is called Website Launch. One of the best channels of doing this is social media and best practices are using eye-catching graphics to accompany the copy for the publicity. To help you succeed, we’ll gift you three designs for your website launch.

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