My Journey into Blogging

I have been blogging for over five years and helping other bloggers launch their blog. I feel my story will benefit you and therefore will share it with you today.

I have always loved to write and I wrote as often as I could without the ability to share my writing to the world.


Then, I only shared my thoughts in A4 foolscap sheets and shared with my friends and close associates.


At that point, I was content that someone bothered to read my writings and I became even excited when they looked forward to another episode of my foolscap sheet published series.


At some point, I noticed that as the papers circulated, they got dirty and tear due to use. The consequence is that limited people will be able to read my thoughts.


By my first year, my roommates then had created a Facebook account for me and I soon as I realised that I can publish my writings there and many people gets to read it, I jumped on Facebook since I had gotten laptop then.


I used any slightest chance to share whatever I think on my Facebook wall. I enjoyed the likes and the comments. I liked the offline recognition. I have never been a social media celebrity; but I have always known than at least 80% of those that consume my contents don’t like or comment.


But then, I started looking out for other ways of getting my thoughts across since Facebook is limited only to those that are my friends and those that have it shared.


I have heard about blog and blogging in the past and so I decided to check it out and ended up creating mine on I could track the number of people that read my post and possibly where they are coming from. I come few very comments and that was very encouraging.


As I progressed, I craved for more from my blog which the free blog couldn’t give me. I wanted more functions on my website which the free blog couldn’t give me.

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I want to be able to host audio podcast on my blog. I want to be able to publish book, host it on the website and track the number of downloads.


The way free WordPress works is that you blog while the company makes money off your content with the ads they will place on your blog. And the scary thing is that they can delete your blog at will because they are giving you a subdomain for free.


I had no issues with that; but when my traffic started increasing and I noticed opportunities for my getting more adverts placed on my blog, I craved for control.


That’s how I discovered and have stayed with my own website, since January 2014.


Owning my blog website have allowed me share my thoughts to the world, have literally reached more people than I can in their homes, bus station and rest rooms. It has equally opened door for me to get speaking invitations and get paid for advertisements and promotions.


I charge you today to launch yours today and acquire the power to make impact and money at the same time!

If you want to launch your blog this week, I can design one for you and hand over to your a blueprint to launch, publicize and profit from your blog.

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Joseph Dinwoke

Content Developer, Media Strategist , Web & Graphic Designer


  1. Sir,Please am much interested in blogging. I really need your help towards starting it.I tried creating it using WordPress. com but was confused on what I saw. Please, I need your direction. I have a lot to say in life but the medium is my obstruct. Thanks.

    1. Let’s talk about it and get your blog started.

      You can send an emial to or call our customer care on 0807 070 1380

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