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On 16th April, 2019, Chika Jude Ugwuodo officially launched his business, Chika Writes Enterprise and website——which he called his virtual office. As usual, it was a thing of joy to me seeing a client’s jobs delivered; especially when it starts gathering accolades.

As I read through the comments on his posts, a thought dropped in my mind: many of these people reading this post and viewing his website may desire to have their own business website, but think it’s such a big thing for them to have theirs while others may be wondering the essence of the website for their.

For those who don’t know why they should have a business website, please read my post, “My Photographer & I : Taking Your Business to the Web” (here:; but for those who think it’s too much a big deal for them to have theirs, please listen to me…

Having your business website is no longer luxury, it’s a cheap and fast means of customer acquisition and with Fratee Media “Business Website Solution” having yours has become super affordable.

What you need for your business is not just a good looking website; but a functional one.

Let me illustrate this with a functional website is not just one that gives you online presence; it’s one that can helps acquire new customer and maintain the ones you already have.

You see, in building, we figured out that his clients may come to the home page and not go elsewhere, so we ensured that the most important bits of information are positioned on the home page such that once you get to the home page, you will get to know about ChikaWrites Enterprises, the services they offer with a brief description of them.

We also positioned on the home page testimonials from clients he has worked for which helps you know that he is not a scam; but one who has delivered satisfactory projects.

Then the contact details are equally displayed on the home page such once you are persuaded to do business with them, you can reach them with ease through email, phone number and social media.

The Blog section we built into his business is to so that even if you don’t want to contract them, you can learn for your good and in reading the articles; you may just be convinced that doing business with them is the right thing to do.

We also figured out that sometimes, people who visit your website may not be ready for business yet and so an email marketing system that helps them capture the email addresses of prospects and start nurturing a relationship with them will help them acquire more customers.

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So we built it and the gateway is the subscribe button. Once you enter your email address, his virtual Personal Assistant will welcome you to Chikawrites and let you know what you stand to gain as a subscriber to the email and then deliver to you a FREE offer available to only subscribers.

We know that in the future, they may need to put files for download and so we built into his website media analytics which tracks the number of downloads of his files, how many people listened to his podcast or downloaded it.

We built these features into his website knowing full well that it’s a business website which should actually be a marketing tool; not just a web presence for the business.

That’s what I mean by functional website!

Like I was saying you can have yours; for far much less than you would have paid on a normal day from Sunday 21st April, we are running a promo for just two weeks, where you will enjoy 30% discount for any kind of website you want us to design for you—corporate, blog, ministry, NGO dgz.

While you get ready for the 21st April to 5th March Promo , we recommend that you start with taking our 5-part course, “Boost Your Business with the Web“, to know get equipped with relevant knowledge in taking your business to the web, what your business website should have, preparing to meet your web designer and making the most of it.

It’s a FREE course; to take it send a ‘BBW’ as a WhatsApp message to 08105504664 or send BBW as a mail to

PS: To see all the features we build into a corporate website and the four bonuses we offer, click here.

All the best in your business!

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