How to Share Your Sermons Online

Your sermon is supposed to be disseminated to the whole world. Unfortunately, you limit the spread of that sermon because you can’t be in the whole world. Let me show you how to share your sermons on the internet easily.

#1Social Media

This is the cheapest and easiest medium of sharing your sermon online. On popular social media platforms like facebook, twitter and Watsapp are fantastic channels to share your sermons in small bits of text. Youtube, I think, is the biggest social media platform for sharing of sharing video or even audio files. So you have to create accounts on theses platforms and start sharing your sermon.



Blog is one of the easiest and cheapest channels of taking your sermon to the whole world from the comfort of your home. A blog is more like the diary where you make notes of your insight from your Bible study. If you can write on Microsoft Word, create your facebook account and upload picture in it, you can own* and run your blog. The two most popular platforms for creating and running a your blog are blogger and WordPress though my preference is WordPress because of its fantastic free themes and plugins.



Website is another and a better platform to share your sermons. On your website, you can go beyond sharing your sermon in the text format to sharing audio, video and book files and tracking their download statistics. Your followers can also subscribe for your sermons, podcasts or newsletter by submitting their name and e-mail address. On your website. It has enormous advantages over a blog.

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Remember, the mandate is to reach the world with your messages. Take a step to fulfill it today!

If you need assistance in creating your blog, or having your website, contact us at Fratee Media. We not only create blogs and websites, we coach you to use them effectively.


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