How to Make Your Business Get Found

If you are a business owner or have a side hustle to make some money for your school fees, pocket money or augment your salary, that’s a good move. Like you may have heard people say, for you to be in business, you must have a value you are delivering to your target audience.

That’s true because the basis for business is exchange. Therefore, as a business or hustler MUST be offering something in exchange for the money from his target audience. So, you must have a valuable skill or product you are selling or you will be out of business.

However, no matter how skilled you are or valuable your products are if your target audience don’t know that you exist and what you are offering them, nothing for you. You will just be like a guy winking at a lady in the dark.

So, aside from having a skill you have really mastered or a product that your audience needs, the next thing you should do is make yourself or business get found. You know this to be true and that’s why you are contemplating getting a banner to place in front of your hostel, got big signage in front of your office, you have paid for flyers posters and planning on radio appearances and adverts spots.

All of that work in helping you get found by your target audience. However, if your budget is lean, you may not be able to afford all these marketing communication channels. You need a large budget to reach a good enough audience that can convert into customers. As an example, a friend of mine recently wants to take his lesson centre marketing to another level; but when he heard the cost of one airplay of his 60 seconds advert, he ran away.

You may have done that about your business too. You heard the price of printing banner and placement and ran. Where are you running to? Away from your business into lack, poverty and begging?


There must be a way and that’s what you should focus on finding. How do I still make myself and business get found by my target audience with my small money? That’s the question you should be asking.


In the next part of this Media Insight Series, I start showing you practical ways you can get your business found by your target audience at very minimal cost. Have a question? Drop it in the comment section or shot it to or 08070701380 (WhatsApp).

Joseph Dinwoke

Joseph Dinwoke is the Media Strategist at Fratee Media where aside from crafting winning strategies for helping businesses and organizations to promote their brand through digital marketing, he has designed over 25 websites since 2014 for businesses, bloggers and ministries and helped authors publish 8 books. He helps organizations understand how to use media to increase sales so that they don’t waste money in Guess-Work Marketing Communication that leads to waste of scarce resources.

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