How to Determine Your Blog Categories

Every blogger is supposed to have a niche and that niche is what helps with his branding and telling people what his blog is all about. However, inside the niche come themes under which many topics could be written.

Most times people who blog don’t write just one particular thing they are focused on; they write a wide range of topics which can be grouped into themes. For instance, a Campus Blogger can write on a variety of topics bothering on student finance, academics, relationship, and health.

Lumping all these varieties of topics on the blog page of your website is possible and not a crime; however, giving them their specific group does not just make for easy organization; but ensure ease of access by your visitors.

Before you hire a web designer for your blog, you need to decide on which categories you will be writing on beforehand so that it will be created for you and then in your content planning, you will be able to plan for each of the categories and when to write for them.

So, how do you decide categories to include in your blog website?

First, understand that you don’t have to create just any category that comes to your mind. You have to decide on the most important and stick with it. You can add more of them with time.

Determine the experience you want to create for your audience. That’s about the first fact that should drive your category creation. As a blogger, you are not just telling stories, you are actually creating value for your readers.

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So, think about the result you want to see in their lives, then create contents which when they consistently consume from you will guarantee that experience.

If for instance, I have a blog for youths, let’s call it Youth  Cruise with the mission of enlightening youths on how to make the right choices and prepare them for the future, I could include categories like Youth Mentor, Inspiring Youth The Teenager. All of them are categories still with the niche I am writing on.

My point?

To determine the categories that should be on your blog, ask yourself the experience you want to create your target readers or the content need you want to meet for them and the contents that will ensure you achieve that. Group them based on their interest and get to work creating such contents. That’s how it’s done.

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