How to blog with your phone in Nigeria, kano and enugu

How to Blog with Your Phone…when You Don’t Have a Laptop

Sometimes ago, I saw someone ask on a social media platform I blog, “Can I blog with my phone if I don’t have a laptop?’


The answer is emphatic yes; just like many of the comments to the post. However, as I left the post to go to church, details of how I have blogged with my phone which I have taught many of my blog website clients kept flooding my head.


That was when I decided to share those details with anyone who desires to blog; but feel constrained by the fact that he or she doesn’t have a laptop.


Once your blog website is designed and running, you just need to install two apps on your phone that will help you compose your posts and manage your blog. In fact, one can do; but I prefer two.


These apps are Microsoft Word Android App and WordPress App.


Why am specific about Microsoft App, not just any word processor App is because of its many advantages that other word processors don’t offer.


With Microsoft word App, you have the luxury of formatting words with features like bold, interlics and the likes.


More importantly, you are given about 5G free space to save your writings such that your write up automatically saves in the cloud and you can continue from where you stopped with your PC or any other device once you log in to your OneDrive account.


Then, the next App is WordPress App. First, I need you to know that you can still blog without the App by simply using the browser on your phone to login to your website or blog account.


However, I strongly recommend that you use WordPress App because, my experience is that, it’s easier to use and opens you up to a hub of knowledge from other writers using WordPress.


Moreover, if you have more than one blog created with your account, you can manage all of them with ease with the App.


So, how do you use this to post your articles and monitor activities on your blog? Let me show you.


Once you are logged in to the app, you will see a menu with icons like My Site, Reader and a “+” icon. Click on the + icon and you will see a space to enter the title of your post and the post itself.


At the button of the interface, you will see a lineup of icons starting with a ‘+’ sign in a circle, ‘H’. If you chose to add a picture inside your post, tap the +icon and it will open to your phone gallery. Wipe that row to your right and you will see another icon. You should be conversant with most of them if you have ever used MS word.


Then, after ‘I’ for interlics, you will see a kind of chain icon or dash covered with two brackets. That’s what you use to add links in your post.


To use it, highlight the word or phrase you want to link and tap it. It will open a box where you PASTE the link you want to add and tap OK.


Then at the top right hand of the App, you will see “publish” and beside it, three dots; tap the dots and select “post setting”.


Leave the ‘publish immediately’ the way it is; however if you want to publish your post at a future date and time, tap it and choose the date and time you want your post published on your blog. I use this feature to schedule posts.


Next, choose the category you want and if you haven’t created it yet, you can create one by tapping “Categories”. It will open and you will see ‘+’ sight at the top right side of the app. Then, write the name you wish to use for your category.

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Then add tags. This is very important because that’s what makes people who are interested in your topic find you and interact with you.


In fact, even if you are launching your blog today, if you have key tags on your post, you are sure of getting at least 10 views and maybe two or three likes.


Tap on ‘Set Featured Image’ to choose an image for your post; you may not need to add an image inside your post, this will suffice. Please note that you should have uploaded this image to your ‘Media Library’ first.


By all means, make this image relevant to your post and if you want assorted free images for your blog posts, check out Pexels, pixabay or Unsplash. Those are where I get images I use for my posts.


Under the ‘except’, you can copy a sticking statement in your post and add as an excerpt or one sentence description of your post. It shows below the post link, especially when shared on social media.


Then, if you choose to set your location, ba damua. It’s your choice.


After this, tap the ‘publish’ button on top of the app and that’s all. Meanwhile, if you set your post to appear on your blog in future, instead of ‘Publish’ you will see ‘Schedule’.


If your blog is linked to your social media accounts (it should be), your followers will immediately get a notification that you have published.


This applies whether you are using a self-hosted WordPress blog or free blogs like or respectively.


You can always know how many visits you got on your blog website when you tap ‘Activity’ menu on your app home page.


Meanwhile, if you want to post ads or make changes on your blog site, you can reach out to your web designer or borrow a friend’s laptop while she sleeps just an hour every week will suffice.


You know why I had to write this detailed guide?


If you have a message to share with your generation, a business you should build through blogging or want to bless lives with your stories but have been held back because you don’t have a laptop, I wrote this to show you that you don’t have any valid excuse!


So, go bless the world with your message and writing! Start your blog or resurrect your dormant blog! You can get started with our FREE Starter Blogger Mastery course which details what you need to know about blogging and how to make the most of it.


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