How to Bless The World with Your Message and Profit from It

In about five years as a website designer, I have encountered different kinds of clients that want to own their blog website. They come with their different uniqueness, preparedness and knowledge about blogging. They come asking different kinds of questions and I have ended up educating them on blogging aside designing their websites which they actually pay for.


There are some people who actually need their own blog to bless lives, advance their careers and businesses, and have what it takes to start a blog, but are reluctant. I have also seen others who don’t have what it takes to start and sustain a blog; but who came under the motivational speech of either a website designer or someone who wants to sell a product to them and by that desired to start their blog when they shouldn’t.


It’s because of these two sets of people that I wrote this series, Qualified to Blog?


My goal is to help those who are wondering whether they should start their own blog or not determine whether blogging is the right step for them or not. So, in the following series, you will see what makes one qualified to start a blog and make a success of it and by that be able to determine whether you should start a blog or not.


Now, let’s roll…


Do You Have a Message or Idea to Share?


One thing that qualifies you to start a blog is that you have a message to share. That is, you have a valuable message you want to share with a certain group or you are simply passionate about helping some people with information that will enrich them.


As an example, you may be passionate about empowering women to release their full potentials and not limit themselves to the cage that society has put them. Also, you may have an unusual interest in youths and want to help them succeed by coaching and mentoring them.


In fact, you may have started reaching to the people in your environment. You have a message to share and that qualifies you to start your own blog.


Please understand that blogging is not just about sharing gossips or a roundup of news items from different sources. Blogging actually involves creating original contents that can influence behavioural change in the readers or at least get them sufficiently informed to make the right choices.


Therefore, having a message to share is one important reason you should start a blog and if you don’t have, please be sure you have another basis that qualifies you or simply forget about blogging.


My point is this: if you have a message burning in your heart to share with people, starting your blog may be a good step toward sharing it because when compared to other means of reaching your target audience with your message, it’s a cheap means to reach many people who you may never meet with your message.


What I am saying, in essence, is that you don’t have to wait for a government or funding agency to donate to you before you start pursuing the vision of that NGO for young people, widows, single ladies or young men.


Starting a blog dedicated to them is one way to reach more of them than you would have, through live events. Moreover, the contents you share on your blog can be easily and quickly shared far more than the speech you give at a seminar.


In the same vein, if you feel you are anointed to preach and bless the world with the knowledge of God’s word you have, starting a blog where you share your notes is the right step in the right direction. With a blog, you will be able to reach more people than most preachers reach in their meeting venues and your message can be easily shared by those who read you with just a click of a button.


With your blog, you need not pay lots of money for renting venue; paying for equipment and such expenses that God may not have given you the resources to carter for at this point.


Now, if you have a message to share with your world; yet reluctant to share it, I understand that kind of situation. Just like you, one of the things that held me back from starting my own blog for long was the feeling that the pastors and writers I read know everything and therefore I have nothing to say. All I did was to share their messages and materials to anybody I can get. But as I grow up, I found a deeper truth.


Here is what I found…


The people I listen to may know a lot; but the depth of their knowledge does not mean drought of knowledge in me. Meanwhile, there are many people they may never be able to reach; that you will reach and there are equally those who would prefer to read and listen to you than them.


I know this to be true because there is one pastor my pastor refers to all the time as one man that has blessed him immensely; but when I pick his book to read, I sleep off. It’s only one of his books that I was able to finish after over three years of buying it. He may be a senior preacher to my pastor or even his idol, but I would rather listen to my pastor than that senior preacher.


So, if you have a message for your world which you may have been dropping on your social media wall, in live events and when you gist with your friends and at religious meetings, you are qualified to start your blog. With your blog, you can reach more people and make it easy for them to have your message shared to more people you may never reach.


Understand that you don’t need to be a writer to be a blogger; you just need to know how to express yourself in the language of your target audience and then get pen and paper or simply open a word processor on your phone/PC and write the way you talk to a friend. When you are done writing like that, copy and paste on your blog, add an apt picture if you choose to, then hit ‘publish’ and you have just blogged. Chikena.


At the risk of sounding like a preacher, I want you to understand that our lives are connected and if there are certain messages you are supposed to deliver to your generation but have not taken the responsibility of releasing them, they will suffer.


The youth that should read your blog to get direction will suffer because you are not giving it to him. The young girls will suffer your failure to step out. Imagine what life will be like if others had denied you the truth that has helped you become who you are now if they didn’t step out.


What you need on your blog website are:

  1. Blogging System: with features that allow you to posts your texts articles and automatically share the link on your social media accounts when you publish;
  2. Media Delivery System: to upload media files and allows users play your podcasts (audio/video);
  3. Download Tracker: for tracking downloads of your books and podcast;
  4. Email Marketing System: to nurture your relationship with your readers and
  5. Advertisement System: that allows you to monetize your blog with text and banner advertisement options.

To learn more about the 12 features we build into your blog website, take a look at our robust blog website package.


I invite you to launch your blog website this week. I can’t write the message that God has deposited in you for you; you have to write it. I can’t record the podcast that is living in you; you have to.


However, what I can do for you be your partner in designing and helping with guides—three FREE courses— that shows you how to get started as a blogger, publicize your blog and run it successfully. You will equally enjoy one-year FREE technical support from us that helps you fix minor issues on your blog.


Chidinma Aneke is a lady with a passion to reach young ladies all around the world with her message and I worked with her to create her blog website Tsure Notes. In less than one year of an average of one post weekly, she has recorded almost 20,000 views on her website with about 400 podcast downloads. On my Blog Brojid World, I have over 120 podcasts with over a million downloads and books with more than 3,000 downloads.


I am not saying this for bragging; just to let you know what the results I have achieved for myself and my clients which I guarantee I can replicate for you.


Again, if you have a message for your world, please share it. One of the easiest and simplest means to do that is with your blog website. I will like to work with your launch your blog, just like I have done for over a dozen other writers. At Fratee Media I work writers, and change agents in launching a blog that will help them bless more people, easier and faster. You can take the steps by learning the rudiments of blogging and how to make the most of it with our FREE course, Starter Blogger Mastery.

To get started with your blog design, Call/WhatsApp: 0807 070 1380You can equally shoot us a mail through

Joseph Dinwoke

Joseph Dinwoke is the Media Strategist at Fratee Media where aside from crafting winning strategies for helping businesses and organizations to promote their brand through digital marketing, he has designed over 25 websites since 2014 for businesses, bloggers and ministries and helped authors publish 8 books. He helps organizations understand how to use media to increase sales so that they don’t waste money in Guess-Work Marketing Communication that leads to waste of scarce resources.

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