How I Became an Accidental Web Designer & How You Can Become One in 5 Days.

How I Became an Accidental Web Designer & How You Can Become One in 5 Days

In December 2013, I wanted to have my own blog website; so I met a guy who owns a hosting company and he offered to design my website if I would host with him. But he disappointed me and left me stranded.


I paid for domain and hosting and when it was time to design my website, he started telling me stories. When I asked him how I will go about having my blog, he retorted, “Go and ask Google.” I became confused because his words and attitude made my dream of having my own website pale despite using my ‘last card’ to pay for the domain and hosting.


That last card was the Christmas money my cousin Chijioke gave me so I can feed when he visited me in school and I rushed to the bank on the 27th to pay into the guy’s account to ensure that I get my website.


God saved me when a guy I stayed with in the hostel offered me food on Christmas day to interrupt my constant soaking of garri.


What does this guy want me to ask Google when I don’t know jack about coding or website design? I wondered.


Then, I was still an undergraduate and staying in UNN hostel so I had access to unlimited internet—the almighty Lionet.


Like he said, I asked google and from asking google, I started learning how to design my blog with WordPress—which has been used to design all kinds of websites including blog websites, celebrity websites, corporate websites and ministry websites.


I consumed uncountable number of videos, blog posts, books and even premium trainings to learn how to design a website properly.


Then, my plan was not to become a website designer. Wetin concern me with web design then? I just wanted to write and share my thoughts with the world.


The result is that I finished designing my blog website and launched it. When my friends saw it, they were so impressed that they wanted theirs.


So by October 2014, I designed a blog for Emmanuel Ugwu ( and when I got to the place I had to add the name of the website designer, I decided to just write, FrateeWebs which later became Fratee Media.


That became the beginning of my journey as a website designer—a skill that has made more money for me than any of the other skills I have within a short time.


Web design is a ‘side hustle’ that fetched some money for me in my undergrad days, as a corp member and even now as a postgraduate student.


In the last 5 years, I have designed over 20 websites for bloggers, preachers, churches, businesses and NGOs. Some of the websites I designed within this period include:,,,,,,,,,, etc. You can check our full portfolio on


My experience designing websites for these years and how much I make from it with minimal time investment shows me that you can make money to fund your education, sustain yourself without a need for ‘job’ if you can learn how to design a website and build a business around it.


You don’t need to be a science student or know how to deal with scaring mathematics to learn how to design a website like the ones I just showed you.


If you have basic computer knowledge, can create a Facebook account, make a post and attach a picture to it, you can learn how to design a website WITHOUT writing a code. I can bet my right hand on it.


It took me nearly a year to learn how to design basic blog and after two years, I started designing corporate websites. But that doesn’t have to be your case because I have simplified the process of website design for anybody to learn it in 5 days or less.

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When I teach you, I save you months of trial and errors. I save you from newbie mistakes that crash websites. You will get a chance to look over my shoulder as I design different kinds of websites with relevant features for the clients’ goals.


At the end of the class, you will be able to design Business Websites, Blog Websites, Church websites and NGO websites with relevant features like:

  • Compelling Homepage
  • Social Proof System Integration
  • Robust Blogging System
  • Payment/Donation System
  • Website Community Building System
  • Podcast Delivery System
  • Email Marketing System
  • Subscription & Registration System
  • Media Delivery System
  • Social Media System Integration

That’s not all.


We don’t want you to just learn how to design a website, we have a bonus for all our students—a course that equips them to build a business around their website design and excel at it.


In the course, The Business of Website Design, I emptied everything I have learnt on building a business around website design without having an office. In it, you will learn how to:

  • Package your web design skill as a business.
  • Attract your first clients and turn them into your marketers.
  • Fix & Negotiate your Price
  • Handle common ‘issues’ with clients with minimal damage.

Within the few weeks I will be in Enugu, I have blocked out 5 days to coach a handful of those that will be interested in learning how to design a website without coding and empower them with practical insights for building a business around it.


I will teach you by myself, give you assignments at every stage to prove that you have learnt, review your projects until you perfect how to design a website.


The sweet thing about acquiring web design skill and building a business around it is that you don’t need to resign your job; you can do your design in your spare time and make as much as six-figures on two projects (as a starter) which you can finish in a week or less.


I can’t effectively train and coach a crowd at once; that’s why I need just a handful of people that my training venue can contain.


If you are one of the 15 people that this training is meant for, you will benefit from our introductory training price of N29,999 only, which covers your training + your personal website domain and hosting (or a client’s own).


At the end of the course, you will be walking home with either a fully designed website for yourself, ministry website for your pastor, business website for your mentor or blog website for that your writer-friend.


Our principle is not to put out services, products or courses that we are not sure will be beneficial to our clients. So, we assure you that you will indeed learn how to design different types of websites after these five (5) days.


We equally guarantee that if you follow through the class, do the exercises and assignments yet didn’t learn how to design websites, we will refund you 100%.


The class starts on Monday, 23rd September 2019 and you can choose from Morning Session (9am-12noon) or Evening Session (3-6pm).


This is a rare opportunity you may not get again in your city at this price. So I employ you to grab it while it’s available in Enugu at this introductory price.

For registration and payment details, click here, or use this link>>

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Joseph Dinwoke

Content Developer, Media Strategist , Web & Graphic Designer


  1. really interested in becoming a web designer and also have my own blog
    how do i go about it please

    1. You can sign up for our training in your city. Call or send a whatsapp message to 08070701380 for more details.

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