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The first set of people I had to do work for at Fratee Media were friends and some people close enough to see that I have my own blog and that I design and publish my books.

In fact, I recall that aside designing my campus fellowship website, the next person was a Sahararepoter’s columnist, Emmanuel Ugwu. He just told me, “It’s about time I have my own blog website. Joe, what will it cost?”

That was how he started and from our conversation, I realized that many times, people who want a blog to share their writing or a website for their business often don’t know much about the technicalities of web design and how best to prepare to meet a web designer for their job.

I have equally seen those who just want to bless lives with their writing; that’s they have been writing and sharing on social media but they don’t know how best to organise their work on their website or the features their website should have.

Similarly, I have encountered clients who have written books and are just looking for a publisher but when their manuscript gets to me for what we call “Manuscript Audit” at Fratee Media , I see that there are more guidance the client needs to put his/her book in better shape.

Equally interesting are those who see finished work like a website, book or design and want it but can’t afford them.

I have also encountered those who know a bit above what a common man knows about the service they want, but don’t know enough to make the best choices for themselves. In fact, a good number of them, almost cheat themselves with their half knowledge.

Moving forward with these varieties of clients automatically turns me into a consultant as I show them different options they have, the implication of their choices, the cost differences, what will best serve their interest, why their favorite colour is not the best for what their brand stands for, the differences between a blog and blog website, the different gram of papers for their book, the right lamination for their book cover, etc.

When I started giving them these lectures and consulting, I didn’t plan them.

It just came from me as they asked questions or I discover what they don’t know and since teaching somehow a second nature for me, it just flows.

Now, one of those days, I looked at the word count I typed on WhatsApp trying to educate a client and realized that some other persons could benefit from it.

I decided to put them together as courses to make it easy to consume, understand and apply by anybody.

In fact, there are some of such contents, which I developed into full-blown courses that are available for FREE as BONUS offer to our clients.

For instance “Website Publicity Hack” which details both free and paid strategies I used to grow the popularity of and the traffic to 2,000 views daily is available to EVERY client we design website for.

Once we enter contract with you, we collect your email address and you will start receiving the lectures with exercises that will help you apply the lesson for your website.

And for business websites, we don’t just design websites and hands off, we want you to succeed with it and that’s why once we enter contract with you, you will start receiving “Corporate Blogging Basics” which will help you know how to use the blog section of your business website to rank high on search engine, attract prospects and turn them into customers.

Also, we give as a bonus to those we design Blog Website for, our course “Running Your Blog to Success” where we detailed guides on how to develop your content strategy, optimize your every content to rank high on search engines, profit from your blog, using social media to grow your business and turn your blog to a Brand.

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For Church or Ministry Websites we design, we offer “Ministry on Media Wing” course for FREE and it details how to use media especially digital media in packaging sermons, sharing them to places you may never go, following up members and new comers as well as receiving offering.😜

These courses are AVAILABLE for free ONLY to our clients; but then, we can still help you with FREE education/ consulting even if you are not our client now. Yes; that’s how much I like to teach.

Now, in the course of our work, we noticed the kind of questions people who are starting out in Blogging, Business Website, Publishing, Corporate Branding, and Ministry Website etc often ask and what they need to know to get the best with their budget.

We have put together an expanded version of those answers and consulting into courses, blog posts and eBook for you, even if you are not our client.

So, if you own a business, a blog or want to start one, written a book or want to publish, own a business and want to use digital marketing or just use media for your business, we have packaged easy to consume and understand guides that could help you as online courses for FREE.

The content is not cheap and I know we can actually put price tag on them; but you will be getting them free for three reasons:

1. I like to teach and the joy of seeing someone who thinks a concept difficult smile at understanding it only beat the joy of eating fresh-roasted-corn with ube on a rainy day.😜

2. Also, teaching you now makes working with us or anyone you choose to contract easier because you will know the preparation you should make on your own before ordering a website, requesting that we publish your book or any of the media solution you may need from us.

3. You also learn how to make the most of the service you get from us; that way you don’t start thinking we cheated you when in reality it’s because you don’t know how to profit from your website, as an example.

We will start releasing those courses from Friday, 5th April, 2019 for anyone that wants them and our discussion, question and answer session will be on WhatsApp.

So, if you want to be notified of the courses when they are released, join in the discussion and even get weekly media tips, join our WhatsApp group here.

Better still, subscribe to our mailing list here.

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