Marketing helps you communicate the value in your service or product to your target customers and a key factor in succeeding at this is being able to reach them with your marketing message. Email marketing is one of the powerful tools that can help you do just that. It has become even more useful due to mobile penetration that has made most of your target audience now get their email notification just like text message.


Email marketing involves collecting email addresses of people or organizations that may be interested in the services you offer and nurturing them to the point where they move from being just interested in your brand to actually buying what you sell.


Success in using this strategy involves having an irresistible free offer for obtaining their contact details, a system for nurturing the new relationship with them to the point where they know, like and trust you enough to order for your services or products. We can execute this by having a robust email marketing system integrated into your website.


When you have that system built, the next is creating free valuable materials that could be short eBooks, podcasts or courses which they will drop their email address to get. They don’t have to be huge or detailed; they are just like the small pieces of meat a suya seller gives for testing to make you buy suya from him.


These free contents are aimed at getting the target customer to have a taste of what you offer and what you can do for them and with their email and phone number we have collected, you can show them your products or services based on the free content they opted in for. That makes your marketing efforts and spend more targeted and of course it naturally leads to more conversion.


Our Email Marketing Solution includes:


  1. Integrating Email Marketing System
  2. Creating Email Marketing Content
  3. Programming Email Marketing Contents

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