How to Run Profitable Corporate & Business Blog

As the saying goes, the bottom line in business is the number and the number comes as more customers are acquired and converted into customers.


Unlike in the past when businesses are only run in brick and mortar structures; today’s business is run on the web and the key to succeeding in making your business thrive on the web is having a robust online presence effectively managed to sell your brand effectively, attract quality prospects, convert them to customers.


Many business owners realize the power of having websites social media platforms and they invest huge money in acquiring one and the functionalities. Unfortunately, they acquire this important and treasured asset; but fail to drive value from it maximally.


Running your corporate blog involves updating it regularly with relevant contents that demonstrate your credibility in delivering the services you promise, nurturing their desire for your product and making them choose you when they finally decide they need the service you are offering.


The key to achieving this is creating valuable contents which are shared to your website visitors through your blog section. In doing this, you don’t just create any website; you create valuable contents regularly to your target audience.


This can be a daunting task because of the need to create contents that are truly relevant to your target audience and lead them to become your customers.

In this course, you will learn:

  1. How to Create Valuable Contents for Your Audience
  2. How to Optimise Your Contents for Search Engine
  3. How to Convert Vistors to Customers with Your Blog

This course is a BONUS course for EVERY client we design business websites for or anyone who is willing to pay to have it.

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