We understand that every business like yours is built on the foundation of delivering a solution or experience for its customers in exchange for money.


This is possible when you expose your services and products to the target audience in a manner that will trigger them to place an order for them.


What I just said is common knowledge to everyone who owns a business, but what’s not common knowledge is that the way of reaching customers with your marketing message has changed drastically.


In the past, your target customers get to know about businesses like yours through radio, TV, posters and ads in newspapers and magazines and they essentially believe what your advert says about your company and products/services, but that’s not the same today.


Today’s reality is that your target audience spends more of their time with their smartphones connected to the internet than they do on Radio/TV and newspaper and while on transit, they are so fixed on their phone that they don’t look up to see your ad on billboards.


Moreover, they don’t completely trust your marketing message anymore and will google your company name to see reasons to believe the claims on your ads.


Therefore, smart and strategic business move is to ensure that you have a presence on the web, powered with information that will make it easy for your prospective client to find you on the web, recognize the value you are offering and contact you for your services/product.


At Fratee Media, we provide you with 5-in-1 Web solution that takes your give your business a web presence that serves as a 24/7 salesman for your business.


When you sign up for this offer, you will get a robust website built for you and integrated with an email marketing system, social media, payment system, media delivery system, domain & hosting.


In essence, you will have your business website in the class of chikawrites.com I bmbmultimedia.com I thoroughproof.com etc.


You can take a look at the 12 features we are building into your business website, two bonus courses and two extra bonus services you will get when you sign up for our Business Web Solution here.

The good news in that you can get this offer for a ridiculously low price of 45k in our #LaunchPromo valid between 21st April to 5th May 2019. To grab this offer, call/WhatsApp: 0807-070-1380 </> 0810-550-4664 or shoot a mail to hello@frateemedia.com

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