We have been building professional blog website for years and we propose to build yours with the following features.

  1. Attractive Home Page

Your home page is where your visitors come first and it’s usually the highest visited page on your website. We’ll build your website with features and copy that are not only visually appealing; but attract the visitors to your blog and make them know what you offer, your uniqueness, trust you and easily contact you.

  1. Key Pages

A truly robust website is made up of the design and the copy on the website and it’s the copy that actually speaks to the target audience. These copies are housed on pages; that’s why in building your website, we’ll create key pages like About, Blog, Advertise, Categories, Services/Products, Testimonials, Team, Contact, FAQ, etc, and link them up effectively from the menu to each page so that visitors to the website can easily navigate the different sections and get what they really want.

  1. Robust Blogging System

A blogging system allows you to regularly write on a variety of topics, group them into categories, format the texts to your taste and add different page elements like pictures, audio and video on your blog posts. We’ll build your blogging system such that once you are done writing, you can automate date and time you want your blog published. Once published, the link to it get shared automatically on your key social media platforms.

  1. Community Building System

Building a community around your blog is important because they will help share your post, tell others about how great your contents are and equally buy from you when you have a product or service to sell. In developing your website, we’ll build into it a system that allows readers to comment with their email or social media accounts, interact with each other, and join a pool of subscribers―your fan or readers on social media.

  1. Social Media Integration

Social Media is a powerful platform to reach people with your blog contents and when properly integrated to your website, it helps direct people to the website for more of your posts. In building your website, we’ll integrate them such that your website visitors can see what you post on social media and can equally follow you with the click of a button and those who get to know about your blog first on social media will be able to visit your website with just the click of a button. This social media integration ensures that every blog posts you publish on your website automatically shares on your key social media platforms.

  1. Email Marketing System

There are people that may want to read your blog post regularly but forget your website address once they leave your website or get very busy. Email marketing system helps you collect email addresses and even phone numbers of your subscribers and regularly send them link to your latest post, books, and products/services and promo. It can also help you deliver automated online courses.

  1. Download System

As a blogger, you may have an eBook, white paper, audio or video to share with those that view your website. The download system we’ll build for you not only enables you upload them, but track how your audience interacted with the contents. Tracking downloads of these files arms you with vital information that could help your content planning in future. To that end, we shall build into your website a download system that’s helps you track downloads on the files, where they are downloaded from and how many downloads per file daily.

  1. Advertisement Options

Blogging thrives on revenue generation from advertisement; that’s why in developing your website, we’ll build into it multiple advertisement options. This enables you add diverse adverts of your own as well as integrate third-party ads at strategic locations of your website.

  1. Mobile Responsiveness

Most website visitors today use their handheld devices to view website; not desktop. Same applies to those who visit your website and it’s important that your website is built to ensure the mobile view of your website is both attractive, easy to navigate with key features conspicuously displayed.

  1. Payment System

To enable you receive payment online from your customers and advertisers, we’ll build a payment system that enables you receive payment from people even if they don’t have USSD Code, ATM or mobile App.

  1. Custom Email Addresses

Custom email addresses has numerous advantages such as publicity for your blog, communicating seriousness in the mind of your target audience and giving you control over staff-customer communication in the event that they leave your organization. To enable you enjoy all these benefits, we won’t just build you a robust website, we’ll equally create custom email addresses for you and your staff

  1. Analytics

Tracking visits on your website and the pages visitors visit helps you know what people are reading and that helps you measure the impact of your publicity and campaign. That’s why we’ll build a robust analytics into your website that helps you track visits on your website and the visitor’s activity.

We are not just a web solution company; we want you to succeed with your website. That’s why over the years of offering clients free advice and consulting, we have put together these bonus offers to help our clients succeed.

Bonus Offers

  1. Free Website Copy Review

There are two key aspects of your website—the features and the copy. While the features determine what people enjoy, your copy is what speaks to them. If your copy is poorly written, they don’t get to know what you are offering them or persuaded to do business with you or benefit from the free offers you have for them. That’s why we offer to review your website copy and show you where you need to improve on at no cost.

  1. Website Publicity Hack

When you design a website that your target audience doesn’t visits, it amounts to waste of resources. Nobody gets to read you, hence no advert from advertisers. To help you publicize your website effectively, we have created this 7-part course which details the best practices in building publicity for your website including the free and paid options.

  1. Running Your Blog to Success

Our job is to build a truly robust website for our clients; however, we have some clients abandon their website because they don’t know how to run it. To help you succeed with your blog, we’ll take you through this course, Running Your Blog to Success. In it, you will learn how to choose the right picture for your post, best practice in writing your post, basic SEO tips and how to ensure consistency of contents to your blog.

  1. Three (3) website Launch Graphics

Usually, when a website is fully designed and handed over to clients, they make an announcement to show they have acquired a new website. That’s what is called Website Launch. One of the best channels of doing this is social media and best practices are to accompany your publicity copy with eye-catching graphics for the publicity. We’ll gift you three (3) designs for your website launch.