Blogging Despite Tight Schedule

One of the challenges of blogging is consistently is being able to write and update blog on regular basis so as to serve your target audience with quality content. That’s why I want to share with you practical tips for blogging despite your tight a publishing calendar


Get a Publishing Calendar

A publishing calendar us a list of articles you have to write with the date they should be published as well as when they should be made ready for upload. Having this saves you from running out of ideas of what to write any day. It also helps you prepare copy ahead of the time for broadcast and ensure you come up with quality articles worth reading.


Trap Your Thoughts


Now, what you write on your blog should be a product of your thoughts; if it’s an original post. To make writing faster, don’t allow your thoughts get lost. Tap idea and inspiration that come to you. Write down your post ideas in a jotter or a word processor on your smart phone. When you tap it like this, you can then develop it into full article when you get down with your PC.


Break Your Posts into Small Bits


Sometimes, to fully exhaust the point you want to, you need to write very lengthy post. If you write lengthy post, you may have issues with having your post read; that’s why is suggest you break them down and write them in bits. Break the point down and serialize it.


Schedule Your Post


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One of the challenges of blogging consistently is being able to post article regularly when they have been written. So, scheduling it will ensure that your written post come out on schedule days and in good time.




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