Creating Brand Awareness for Your Business on Shoestring Budget

To the best of my knowledge, the best channel you can use to reach your target audience with minimal expense is what is generally called New Media. That’s the terms used to describe communication channels that involve the use of the internet—Social Media, Blogs, Website, Podcasting, Infographics, eBooks etc. This works best because unlike other channels, you can target your audience based on their age, gender, location etc and you can measure your conversation to know many people actually reacted to your marketing message.

How to Make Your Business Get Found Pt1

However, no matter how skilled you are or valuable your products are if your target audience don’t know that you exist and what you are offering them, nothing for you. You will just be like a guy winking at a lady in the dark.

So, aside from having a skill you have really mastered or a product that your audience needs, the next thing you should do is make yourself or business get found.

So, You Want a Corporate Website?

In my 5 years as a web designer, I have designed websites for businesses and they often express joy on seeing their websites & the features built into it. Unfortunately, they hardly utilize it half of its capacity. That’s they have features that could generate passive income for their business built into it; yet they …

So, You Want an ISBN for Your Book?

Sometime ago, a client we published a novel for referred someone that wants to publish his book to us. Typical of our style, I engaged him in a discussion, asking questions to discern how far he has come with his book and what he really wants from us.   In the course of that chat, …