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We work with you to get your thoughts out, package them in coherent manner for easy consumption, give it thorough editing and turn it to a book in good time.

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Media Production

We bring to bear our core competencies in broadcasting, Marketing, Graphic Design and Sound Production to develop media contents for your marketing, branding and promotion.

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Web Solution

We take time to study your business, brand, ministry and personality to ascertain the most suitable Web Design, Digital Marketing, and Online Branding solution to offer you.



Aside offering this wide range of services, we equally train anyone who is interested in acquiring the skills and equipping them with insight to build a business around the skill and excel in it.

We understand how important quality service is to you and we feel the pains you may have experienced with other people. That's why at Fratee Media, we offer first class media solution and support services.

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We are committed to delivering first class solutions in good time + excecution suppport.

Fratee Media a multimedia company with the guiding mission of delivering first class and profitable media, web and marketing solutions to individuals and organizations in record time. At Fratee Media, we believe that we should treat others as we would love to be treated; that’s why in our service delivering, product development and delivery, we ensure we create, package and deliver value for what our clients pay us for without defrauding them. In developing media and web solution for you, we start with a proper understanding of your client’s situation by listening to them, studying their current records and strategies so that we can develop a blueprint that will guarantee reaching your targets from where you are. We don’t stop at delivering services or product that our clients pay for, we watch them closely to see how they utilize them so that if need be, we will render any possible support to help them maximise their investment.

  • We work with you to package your thoughts for easy read, give it thorough editing and turn it to a book in good time.

  • We provide you Web Design, Digital Publishing, Digital Marketing and Branding for your organizations and brands.

  • We provide Radio Production, Marketing, Copywriting, Graphic Design and Sound Production for your marketing and branding.

  • We develop and execute traditional and digital marketing solutions to professionals, coaches and businesses to market their services, products, knowledge to their customers.

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Project Manager
I understand how important it is to you that you get your job done properly and in good time and I hate people’s time being wasted needlessly. That’s why my duty is to get every member of our team and partner on their toes to ensure that your job is done properly and delivered to you in record time.


Media Strategist
I know and have experienced the power of the media for personal and corporate growth and equally want you to have same or better experience. That’s why I commit to creating the blueprint that will develop and deliver media, web or marketing solution to you.


Customer Relationship
I don’t want you to come to us without getting all the attention and care you need to get first class media solution, that’s why I make it a point of duty listen to your heart beat, understand what you want and communicate same to our team for timely and proper service delivery.
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